About Air Pumping Ltd. and the Varimix Mixer

Air Pumping Ltd. have been operating within the pneumatic industry for over 35 years, facilitating the needs of our clients to move fluid based materials around the work site. We specialise in many niche aspects within the diaphragm pump industry, supplying our clients with customized pumping units to suit all areas of application from nuclear waste transferal to batch processing of food products.

Air Pumping Ltd. - East Ham WarehouseDuring the years we have been operating we have had numerous requests to create bespoke solutions to problem situations within facilities and on site. The Varimix was our first creation and to this day still stands as one of our most popular and widely known brands that we manufacture. Designed to cater for the need to combine two common garage substances and dispense a mixed output via hose-reels or bib-taps, we have been fitting the Varimix anti-freeze pump system to facilities for over 27 years and still have original units in action after all this time.

More recently, as more variation of usage has been requested, the Varimix unit has been developed to support mixed screen wash mix and dispense facilities, and also for paint thinning mix and dispense. The mixing base plate has been redesigned, and configuration of your mixture has been simplified to give greater ease of output mixture for operative, allowing your percentage to be changed at the flick of a switch.

This is by far the most advanced, pneumatic, variable output mixing unit on the market, widely used throughout the UK mainland and surrounding isles. Please browse through the website for more information on the various units, both new and old.

Air Pumping Ltd - intelligent design from the creators of the Varimix

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